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Strategic LAPSSET planning and coordination servicesCooperation ,feedback and clarityfreeContinous
LAPSSET Project sequencing and delivery services Cooperation ,feedback and clarityfreeContinous
Provision of information and data for LAPSSET Projects implementationCooperation ,feedback and clarityfreeContinous
Empowering and capacity building of communitiesParticipation and feedbackfreeContinous
Communicating updates on LAPSSET Corridor projectsFeedbackfreeContinous
Receiving incoming callscooperation and clarityfreewithin 3 rings
Direct in-coming phone calls to the appropriate officerscooperation and clarityfreewithin 1 minute
Responding to E-mailscooperation and clarityfreeWithin 24 hours
correspondencescooperation and clarityfree7 working days
Responding to correspondencescooperation and clarityfree14 working days
Attending to visitors on arrivalcooperation and clarityfree5 minutes
Response to enquiries,complains and complimentsuse the provided feedback channels
freewithin 7 working days
RecruitmentApplication letter and other requirements in response to an advert
freewithin 6 months
RecruitmentApplication letter and other requirements in response to an advert
freewithin 6 months
Condusive working enviromentcooperation and clarityfreecontinous
Provision of adequate working resourcesPrudent resource utilizationfreecontinous
Conducting Staff Appraisals Timely ResponsefreeAnnually
Enhancing skills through relevant capacity developmentTraining needs/requestsfreeContinous
Communicating on policy changesCompliance and implimentationfreeImmediately
Provision of prequalified and Expression of Interestparticipate in the procurement process in compliance with the procurement and disposal act 2005ksh 0-5000Wthin 3 months
Payment of SuppliesCompliance in supply of ordered goods and provide necessary supporting documents
Supply goods/services as per order
Delivery notes
Tax/ VAT compliance
freeWithin 30 working days
Submission of Performance Contract reports to the relevant Government AuthoritiesCooperation and feedbackfreeAnnually
Submission of Annual Financial Statements Cooperation and Clarityfree30th September
Remittance of taxes dueCompliance CertificatefreeAs per statutory deadlines