Water Supply

With the development of the inner and outer corridor, utility such as water supply is set to be developed along the corridor, not only setting the pace for potential investors but also benefiting the communities living along the Corridor.

Water supply in the area will attract
irrigation and water projects along the
Corridor, providing food security from
drought and proper nutrition for the
communities, especially since majority of the areas fall under the Arid and Semi-Arid (ASAL) regions.

Power Supply

Construction of the Inner and outer Corridor will bring power supply through the Kenya National grid, promoting power supply in the areas that do not have power along the Corridor.

This provides basic infrastructure along the Corridor that supports potential investors, while opening up the Corridor for more development, and curbing issues such as insecurity.

Fiber Optics Technology

Communities along the LAPSSET Corridor will benefit from technological advancements in communication, transactions, education and innovations.

Technology is key in today's world to increase efficiency in infrastructure. With a smart corridor in place, LAPSSET will be meeting the UNITED NATIONS 2030 Agenda 11 for Sustainable Cities and Communities.